Investment Strategy

The main goal of each investor is to increase the success and profit of his portfolio. INVESTMIB helps its customers to become successful by making available to them different trading methods and strategies for achieving greater profits. The analysts of INVESTMIB can guide you through the different bottlenecks of the online trading and will help you get knowledge of the fundamentals of the global economy, which have a direct and often substantial influence on the situation of the market.

Risk management

The risk management of your portfolio is an important step for achieving success. Rise in risk levels increases the potential for greater profits and losses. It is important to stay aside of such changeable conditions and this can be achieved in several ways. Make sure that your account is funded properly, while considering your intended trading volume and strategy. In addition, you should trade with different types of assets, in order to avoid any volatility, in case the prices of some of the assets change drastically. The above mentioned represents just part of the steps for achieving a long-lasting and stable portfolio.

Strategic focus on risk management:

INVESTMIB is continuously optimizing the available tools and techniques in order to reduce the volatility and hedge the portfolio's risk exposure. Some of the tools used are long equity, short equity, options, CFD’s, Forex.

No leverage is used in our portfolio.

INVESTMIB is focused on management teams and in-depth research: We apply our strategy for investments via increased focus on the teams, managing the investments of our portfolio; also, we perform extensive research of firms, industries and macroeconomic trends. We are assigning a substantial part of our resources to detailed and continuous discussions with the managers of current and prospective investments, as the quality and the reliability of the management is one of the most determining elements when making an investment.

Focus on growth and profitability:

Find and invest in tradable equities of companies with prospects for stable lasting revenue and growing earnings. The purpose of INVESTMIB investment is to identify companies with strong foundation, which generate sustainable growth and profitability over time. Additionally, we are aiming at attractive securities, which have the good chances to increase their profitability in the future. The focus is placed on managing a balanced investment portfolio with broad sector and industry diversification, along with proven track record and credibility of management teams.

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