Signal Trader

What is Signal Trader?

Signal Trader is an innovative solution for automated trading, including the complete range of financial instruments. We make it possible for our customers to fully automate their trading activities, just by mirroring the trades of experienced traders with complicated trading systems

How it works

All of the transactions of the displayed trading systems are being executed in live trading accounts, with real financial funds and are shown in real time with full visibility on our website.

All trading systems belong to expert traders with many years of proven results. All of the traders have been selected after an assessment process, performed by the team of Signal Trader.

Real Traders

You can setup and change your portfolio on the basis of the trading activity of the systems you want to follow. You are able to fully manage the risk level, preferred by you. Keep track of trades, positions and results in REAL time.

Why use Signal Trader?

There are no hidden fees for setting up and no monthly taxes. The automatic trading solution of Signal Trader is easy to use.

Get started in 3 easy steps

1.Select the trading system of the professional investors, which you prefer

2.Create your new account or link your existing account to Signal Trader

3.Begin the automated trading by mirroring the trading system which you prefer

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