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Volume Trader

Keep your transaction fees low with INVESTMIB's Volume Trader spread + commission cost structure. Lower Volume Trader pricing together with INVESTMIB's recommended forex trading execution - No Dealing Desk - can help to achieve the targets you have been trying to find for your trading.


INVESTMIB Volume Trader accounts have a spread plus commission pricing structure. The combined costs of the transactions should be considerably lower than a standard INVESTMIB trading account without the No Dealing Desk execution method.
The pricing structure has been developed to benefit the traders trading big volumes of currency at INVESTMIB and reduces the commission fees, when the trading volumes become even bigger.


A Volume Trader account has been created to give advantage to the traders trading big currency amounts at INVESTMIB. Consequently, the negotiable commission charges are calculated on the basis of your monthly notional trading volume.


INVESTMIB has implemented No Dealing Desk (NDD) execution for forex trades. Our purpose was to create a more efficient and clean model for pricing and execution than the model used by other dealing desk brokers in the forex sector. We managed to achieve the goal: NDD prices are competitive and driven by market and the NDD execution method is completely transparent and honest.


INVESTMIB is not making positions on the market by eliminating a major trading conflict of interest. The Dealing Desk brokers can trade vigorously against your positions. They can win, while you are losing. They can also lose, while you are making profit. For this reason, the Dealing Desk brokers have the motivation to manipulate your trades. For example, they can set restrictions on stops and limits or re-quote your orders. The NDD execution model of INVESTMIB is not doing any of the above mentioned. Your orders are automatically executed from the NDD price feed, which contains the best bid and best ask prices from all of our liquidity providers after INVESTMIB 's mark-up. What is more, your orders remain anonymous to the liquidity providers. They cannot get information about your stops, limits, or entry orders; the only thing they can see is that the orders are coming from INVESTMIB.



INVESTMIB offers also Dealing Desk execution for traders whose primary purpose are the low spreads for 12 of INVESTMIB most popular currency pairs. This execution method, however, comes with specific trading limitations. INVESTMIB can play the role of the dealer in the Dealing Desk model, by arranging the prices and the spreads for some of the currency pairs, which you use for your trading. When using this type of execution, INVESTMIB is able to see your stops and limits and can profit from your trading losses. Our previous experience shows that this is a common practice on the market and is used by brokers, offering Dealing Desk execution.

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