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INVESTMIB PAMM is a full Percentage Allocation Money Manager (PAMM) solution.

The manager of the investments uses a combined account for trading on our platform and every order is automatically distributed to multiple customer accounts, based on the allocation instructions, previously defined by the investment manager.


Do you want to have access to high potential earnings from the Forex Markets, but your time, knowledge or the desire for learning and becoming experienced in trading currencies or commodities is limited?
Would you like to make investments in Algo Trading and have your financial funds secured at the same time? INVESTMIB's PAMM system makes it possible for the Fund Manager to trade on your behalf on your account, but you as the investor are the only one who is entitled to withdraw money from the account. We can advise you which of the fund managers in our portfolio would be appropriate for your demand for investment.

Fund Managers

INVESTMIB also can provide security for the Fund Manager. All operations, related to the settlement (fees, profit/loss distribution etc.) are performed automatically by INVESTMIB and you will have more time available to focus on your earnings and the earnings of your customers.

The Fund Manager will be in the position to adjust "the offer" to the Investor by customizing the rate of the management fee, performance fee, minimum investment amount, early withdrawal penalty etc. In addition, the Fund Manager will have the ability to organize all of his customers together in one INVESTMIB MT5 terminal.

Leave all administration tasks to us and focus on your trading.
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