Manage your trading day and create an environment to suit your needs and trading style with these products:


Automatic notifications will be sent to you when specific ready Chart Patterns are identified, e.g. Triangles, Wedges, Tops and Bottoms. Use the benefits of an automatically drawn forecast range on ready patterns that recognizes the awaited price level.

You can use the Autochartist’s Key Levels product which recognizes horizontal support or resistance levels at respective price levels. Receive notifications in case an approach or break through one of these levels takes place.

Autochartist can classify Fibonacci patterns from straight forward extensions, retracements and ABCD patterns and also recognizes more complicated setups like Gartley and Butterfly formations.


Analyze the Performance Statistics product and get information about the functionality of the respective trade setups during the previous 6 months. This performance analysis is brought for ready Chart Patterns, breakout Key Levels and approaching Key Levels.


Understand the personality of the markets and the tools you would choose for your trading activity. Volatility Analysis gives data about the exact moment of the day, when the markets change at most; helps with the setting of the correct exit levels and also guides you to through the selection of the instruments, falling within acceptable risk parameters.

Stay informed about the changes on the market and receive the data about the events influencing the economy.


Market Snapshot e-mails give a forecast of the markets for the next 24-48 hours. Receive three times a day information for markets such as Forex and Commodities, while the outlook of the Tokyo, London and New York Stock Exchanges is generated and sent once a day.

Start your e-mail subscription for the news having high impact on the economy and you will be notified about the scheduled events on the Asian, European and US Sessions

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Switch to the Trading Community Tab, take a look at the short training videos and learn how to use and personalize your own Autochartist environment. Add the online user manual to the list with your favourites to the list with your favourites for quick reference and also find useful links to e-books and resources, such as the tools, covered by your broker.

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